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Friday, August 17, 2007

LINQ and AI?

Well, LINQ is something new to both VB and C# in Visual Studio 8 that allows you to query the data. The data can be XML, ADO.NET, DataSet, or objects. An example of the LINQ format:

var locals = (from c in customers
where c.ZipCode == 91822
select new { FullName = c.FirstName + “ “ +
c.LastName, HomeAddress = c.Address})

What I find really interesting about the possibility of using LINQ, is the idea that the program can look at itself in an evaluation. If you add some artificial intelligence, this idea can be a great help in developing programs that can prove themselves correct in logic. I even think, that this concept can be used, with lots of time and planning, to develop a program that can write other programs given a set of parameters and acceptable outcomes.

The concept of using a database like language in a structure language is a very nice concept. If LINQ could be used to select all number of the type Int32 to represent integer numbers, would be something fun to play with. On this subject I might be a little too much in the dream world at the momement, but I do look forward to the possibilities.

Some sources on LINQ:


Some info on Lambda Calculus:


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