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Monday, January 14, 2008

Installing SQL Server 2008 - Code name "Katmai"

Well, I finally got around to installing SQL Server 2008. Ran into a little problem when it came to the Server Configuration screen. I got this error

"Invalid or missing username or password. To continue, provide valid credentials for the SQL Server Agent service".

The solution was to use my credentials for the login with username of mss/wandrus and my login password.


UPDATED: http://www.sql-articles.com/articles/SQL2008/ins_2008.html
http://www.sql-articles.com/index.php?page=articles/SQL2008/ins_2008.html does a nice job of showing how to step through the installation process.


Damien Crowley said...

Thanks, I know it looks obvious in retrospect

Damien Crowley said...

Thanks, I know it sounds obvious in retrospect but you would expect the form to be prefilled.

William Andrus said...

Well, hopefully Microsoft will make it an easier installation once it officially comes out. I always love an easy "typical" install for software products.

Thanks for leaving a comment.

Damien Crowley said...

You know, I have another error. It is a one concerning the shared protocol, which is enabled. I dug a little deeper to discover that Sql Agent is not running. I cannot get it to start. Did you experience anything like that?

William Andrus said...

No, I haven't ran into that problem. It might be a permission problem.

I would try checking or posting a question at:



They are good at responding quickly with very good accuracy.

johny why said...

should this be the admin account on my windows, or my user account (which does not have admin rights)?

William Andrus said...

I think anytime you install something like SQL-Server you are suppose to be logged in as an Admin during the initial installation, but I could be wrong. Installing and Sql-Server are not my expertise area.

Damien Crowley said...

I found the solution here: http://mydatacube.blogspot.com/search/label/Sql%20Server%202008%20CTP