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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

SSRS Report Width Limit Error

Well, you can filed this error in the "probably won't ever happen to me" section, but this happen to me today. In SSRS there is a Width limit of 455 inches for the report section.

The error:

The value of the Width property for the report section 'ReportSection0' is "476.32297in", which is out of range. It must be between 0in and 455in.

This report, that I'm creating is very unique, in that the user can select from a list of views, and then select fields from those views. The report lists out all the fields, but only displays the selected fields. It's an interesting concept of allowing the user to access data via SSRS, mainly since the department isn't allowed to have cubes, data marts, etc... this ends up being the best solution, for now. 


Adam Lawrence said...

So how did you fixed the SSRS Width property error?

William Andrus said...

Just have to shrink all the header columns and page to be smaller. So to keep it a little nice looking I make the headers taller.

"Some long header text"