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Friday, April 14, 2006


So today, I got my Krugle beta test access. The not beta website, where you can read up on Krugle is: http://www.krugle.com/. Krugle is a search engine that you can use to search, view open source code, comment on, etc..

Well, the first thing I tried was C# to see if there was any, unfortunately there wasn't any.

So the next search I did, was on "reinforcment learning", and there were some code. I am pleased about this. I selected a source code called: test_agents.c

I am able to see the source code, the comments, etc. It is very nice to see how other programmers would do things.

I also took a look at a java class called RLPolicy.java, it was cool to see they implemented some of the exact same things I did.

They allow you to view the whole project, in which they catagorized the files to where they belong.

I'll probably look at some of the code, and if I find something I like, I'll probably rewrite it in C#, not to hard coming from code like C,C++, or Java.

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