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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Running specialized CSV in SSRS with different device settings.

So this will be useful if you want to change the default settings for a single report, and not all reports, that are exported to CSV. An example, making semi-colon or tab delimited values.

A good read on bypassing the "CSV Device Information Settings" used on the reporting server.


Here are a list of the settings that can be changed in the url:

So instead of using the standard user-friendly interface, you will be using the file system interface, found in /ReportServer/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?

and adding on your commands, just like you would do with parameters, to override the settings:


This however, still leaves the problem with the qualifier. I was told that a csv file being sent to a third-party had to have quotation marks around each value (e.g. "First Name"). This doesn't seem possible in SSRS. The qualifier will only put quotes around a field if there was already a quote in the value (e.g. William "Big Bill" Andrus => "William "Big Bill" Andrus") which would also give incorrect usage of quotes if you hard code them (e.g. "First Name" => ""First Name""). And, there seems to be no way to force the qualifier to display. 

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